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In this Discussion, you will share one article from a peer-reviewed academic journal that will inform your inquiry into one of the topics you have selected to investigate this term.
Note: Make sure that the article you select clearly addresses ethical and social change impact.
Day 3: Initial Post
Post the complete reference and link to one of the articles from your literature matrix. Explain the criteria you used to make your selection and why you feel that this article is important for your inquiry.
Day 5: Responses to Classmates
Reply to at least two of your classmatesÂ’ posts with a brief reflection on their initial posts. For each, share one additional article that may help your classmate in his or her inquiry. Include the complete reference and a link to the article along with your rationale for how it contributes to your classmateÂ’s topic.
By way of this collaboration, you not only will support your classmates but also will extend your own knowledge about additional topics that follow the themes of this course, beyond the ones you are researching yourself.
Day 7: Reflection
Post a reflection on what surprised you, what you still need to understand about the topic, and what you learned from your classmates.
Notes Applicable to All Posts

Support all your posts by referring to at least one relevant article from a peer-reviewed journal.
You must refer to articles that have not already been referenced by yourself, by any of your peers, anywhere else in this course, or in any other course in your program.
Make sure that the articles you select clearly addresses either implicitly or explicitly ethical and social change impact.
Include proper APA citations and references, as well as links to all sources.