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World religions Buddhism
World Religions: Buddhism

Read Chapters 5, 6, of your text. Choose one of the points below to discuss in a short essay.

Discuss the life of the Buddha.
Summarize the teachings of Buddha and the role of enlightenment in Buddhist practice.
Discuss the development of Buddhism over time.
Discuss Buddhism today.
Understand the life of Mahavira and its connection to the origins of Jainism.
Explore Jain religious teachings.

Respond to the assignment points  posted above (350 word minimum). To support your response you are required to provide at least one supporting reference with proper citation. Your response will be reviewed by Unicheck, the plagiarism tool synced to Canvas. Unicheck will submit a similarity report a few minutes after you post your assignment. If the similarity index is above 30%, please redo and resubmit your assignment after you cite the sources properly to avoid plagiarism.  Please review the PowerPoint slides explaining how to avoid plagiarism and post your assignment accordingly. Even a single plagiarized statement will not be tolerated.  APA writing format is required. 

Honored Students, from Week 6-9, Students MAY post their video Response HERE on the Discussion of the week, OR, upload it in the normal fashion. You may, also, DO BOTH.  Students will receive the same number of points for either either method; any student who posts a REPLY to the Video posting will receive extra credit.
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