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Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Annotated Bibliography of Internet
Resources on Standardized Assessment
Create an annotated bibliography regarding standardized assessment including
information from your individual state’s DOE website. Use the sections on testing and
assessment as a resource for the assignment.
Follow the directions outlined in the University of Phoenix Materials: Annotated
Bibliography of Internet Resources.
Format your Internet resources consistent with APA guidelines.
Annotated Bibliography
MTE/562 Version 3
University of Phoenix Material
Annotated Bibliography of Internet Resources
Research and select 15 Internet sites that contain Information on standardized assessment.
Each of the bibliography entries must include:

The site title and URL.

A brief and concise—3 to 5 sentences—explanation of the site

Useful resources for parents and teachers
Note. The reasons the site was chosen should be clear from the annotated description.
The completed bibliography will be assessed based on the following:

Concisely worded annotations with correct URLs

Detailed description of each site

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