Design a class named Fan to represent a fan.  The class contains:  Three constants named SLOW, MEDIUM, and FAST with the values 1, 2, and 3 to denote the fan speed  A private int data field named speed that specifies the speed of the fan  A private bool data field named on that specifies whether the fan is on (the default is False)  A private float data field named radius that specifies the radius of the fan  A private string data field named color that specifies the color of the fan  The accessor and mutator methods for all four data fields  A constructor that creates a fan with the specified speed (default SLOW), radius (default 5), color (default blue) and on (default False)  An __str__ method to print the features and settings of the fan Implement the class.  Write a test program that creates two Fan objects.  For the first object, assign the maximum speed, radius 10, color yellow and turn it on.  You pick the settings and features for the second fan.  Use the Mutators to change some of the features and/or settings.  Use the Accessors to display a few of the features and/or settings for one of the fans.  Display each fan’s features and settings using __str__ through a print. Add the following comments to the beginning of the program. Name:  Your Name Class and Section:CS 222 01 Assignment:  Program Assignment 02 Due Date:Date Turned in: Program Description:You write a short description of what the program will do When you complete the program, do the following. 1. Create a folder with the following name: ProgramAssignment022. Copy your program to this folder