Your presentation on a specific topic related to childhood disorders should contain 10 to 15 visually appealing slides that address the following critical elements: 
I. Define Your Position: 
       a. What is the topic? Provide an overview of the disorder. What are the causes and symptoms, and how is it diagnosed? 
      b. What is your thesis-driven argument regarding the topic? 
      c. What logical and appropriate assertions support your topic? 
      d. What precisely selected research can be referenced to support your assertions, and vice versa? 

II. Evaluate Issues, Challenges, Problems, Treatments, Opportunities, and Solutions: 
      a. Describe issues related to the topic—misdiagnosis, over-diagnosis, stigmatization, etc. 
      b. Analyze challenges posed to children or teens, and their families. 
      c. Assess additional problems associated with the disorder (without yet devising solutions, for that is to come). 
      d. Describe treatments and methods of care available. 
      e. Analyze opportunities for caregivers. 

III. Conclude With the Most Up-to-Date Research: 
       a. Identify the most recent understanding of how to move forward regarding the topic. 
       b. Describe what can be done now. 
       c. Estimate what will hopefully be learned in the future.