Turnitin Assignment Name2: The OCEAN assessmentSummary
Paper 2: Change Management 643

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PAPER 2: The OCEAN assessment and emotions.
Go to https://www.truity.com/test/big-five-personality-test and take the 10-minute Big 5 Personality Test also called the OCEAN.


1.     5 page paper not including cover page, table of contents, and references page
2.     Abstract: No more than 250 word abstract. What key results did use of the OCEAN assessment provide?
3.     Introduction: Very brief overview (250 words) of what the OCEAN assessment is and how it can help you with change management
4.     Show your results with a chart or a table (words not included in word count).
5.     If you have done the OCEAN before then you may compare prior results to now
After presenting your table or chart of results answer the following questions:
1.     Emotional impact: What specific results from the OCEAN surprised you (you thought you were going to get something different)? This can be negative, neutral, positive
2.     Emotions: What emotions (feelings) did you have to your overall OCEAN results? Why do you think you felt that way?
3.     Analysis: How will your OCEAN results (BOTH the highs and the lows) either help you or hinder you in dealing with, and especially, LEADING change?
4.     Conclusion: Present three conclusions about yourself that this process has helped you reach, particularly how you deal with change.
5.     Personal Improvement Plan: Based on the OCEAN results:
a)     What areas can you improve on?
b)     Why and how will those actions help you in dealing with change?
c)     What specific actions will you take or start taking over the next six months to improve on lower ratings?