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Critical Thinking Questions Chapter 5
1. Chi-Chi, the community nutritionist for a rural community in Ohio, is
trying to secure funding for a weight-loss program called “Nutrition and
Your Jeans.” What program planning steps should she have already
completed and what steps does she still have to accomplish?
2. What is meant by a SMART objective? Explain. Next, review the
objectives listed below in light of the characteristics of a SMART
objective. Re-write each objective so that it corresponds to the
characteristics of a SMART objective.
Decrease the risk of obesity among children.
Increase fruit and vegetable consumption among older adults.
Decrease the number of food insecure households.
In writing SMART objectives, these are questions to consider (from Table 53):

What exactly are we going to do?

What strategies will we use?

Who will be involved?

Is the outcome specified?

How will we know that change has occurred?

Are we able to gather these measurements?

Can the objective be achieved in the proposed time frame?

Can we achieve the objective with the resources available?

Will the data or information be relevant to the goals?

Will this objective lead to the desired results?

When will the objective be accomplished?

What is the stated deadline?

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