After completion of the Nurse Executive CGE Project, determine what comprises the most relevant data and evidence that support your resolution of the concern. What do your peers and others need to know to understand and appreciate your project? Develop a concise outline, presenting the topic, existing literature, and the resolution of the problem or concern. There is a PPT template located above that will assist with the development of the presentation.

Minimum of 8–12 slides of text, excluding title and reference slides
One title slide
One to two slides with references in APA style
Documentation of all sources (everything cited, including ideas, images, statistics, data, facts, quotations, all journal articles and other references, and/or a summary of others’ ideas)
Definition of key terms or explanation of relevant facts

Preparing the Presentation
The following should be incorporated into the presentation.

Identification, definition, and description of the issue or problem
Summary of relevant literature and evidence related to the issue
Project details: describe context, target recipients, how project is implemented, and/or plans for implementation
Summary of project: proposed resolution of the chosen issue, next steps, expected result, and evaluation (if project was presented or implemented)
List of references of materials and documents used in project
Appropriate APA format current edition of APA manual
Interesting and audience-friendly set of slides
Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation

See the PPT template found located above, which will assist with the development of the presentation.