In Milestone Three, you will submit a Financial Assessment and Resource Planning Brief, which will become part of Component 3, due in Module Nine. In the brief, you will begin developing key financial documents. You may need to supplement the case study with additional research on current or past financial statements for the organization. Consider how the new product/service fits into the financial capacity of the organization. Is the new service/product appropriate for the organization’s strategic financial investment? Describe the company valuation and the financial fit of the new product/service. Begin estimating the costs to manufacture or develop the service, the staffing needs, the materials or equipment needed, etc. Next, estimate the planned benefit of the new product/service, making sure to consider the ongoing costs as well as the initial development costs. In the appendix include an initial draft of the financial valuation and justification of the new product/service using a standard approach such as a cost/benefit analysis, return on investment, internal rate of return, net present value, and/or break-even analysis. The instructor will provide feedback on this milestone to better shape your final capstone project. 

 Critical Elements 
 Economic Fit: Describe how the planned new product or service is a good fit for the organization from a financial perspective. Discuss the economic feasibility of the project. 
Operational Costs: Identify the costs surrounding the manufacture of the product or any unique manufacturing or service-related requirements to support the new product or service. This may include leveraging operational tools and techniques to forecast material needs and staffing levels such as inventory turns, holding costs, weeks of supply, economic order quantity, resource plans, or other standard approaches. 
 Benefits: Estimate the potential benefits of the new product or service, leveraging a standard estimating approach and noting confidence levels. 
Cost Justification: Prepare a cost/benefit analysis for the new product or service. You may also leverage other financial justification approaches such as IRR, ROI, or break-even. 

Feedback:  This is a good start! You had some good information about the costs and benefits and the 3 point estimation point makes sense. Be sure you remove the year as a data point in your graph and instead include it on the legend for the x axis. A great start! 

Continuation of Milestone 3
 In the third component of the capstone, conduct a financial assessment (cost/benefit analysis) of the new product/service as well as identify all related resources needed to support the product or service launch. The estimating approach and confidence level of the estimates must be clearly stated and explained. 
You will create a financial assessment (cost/benefit analysis) that addresses the following:

 Resources (including, but not limited to): 
? Equipment/Materials 
? Staffing 

Cost (including, but not limited to):
 ? Cost to manufacture the product 
? Cost to complete the service 
? Cost associated with supporting operations 

The third component shall be accompanied by a 12–15 page report detailing the rationale behind each of the major items outlined in financial assessment. This will include the detailed calculations and appropriate graphical tools used to fully support your financial assessment and resource plan.