I need you to fix my milestone 2 according to my prof. feedback. 

this is the comment when I first attempt to submit it. 
—  Be sure you are editing your work. It was hard to follow some areas, including the inventory approach. ABC is fine as an inventory approach, but the reason for it was not clear.  The capacity plan does not boost the capacity of the company. Be sure to re-review this concept in your operations textbooks. The example you provided does not identify the capacity constraint you have at PBM. What about the capacity of machine hours available? How much machine time is available for the 4000 machine you identified based on the need to produce the 4oz liners? You can make whatever assumptions you need to and put together a potential capacity plan. 

this is the second attempt when Ii tried to fix it.

—  The prior feedback from the milestone 2 has not been incorporated into this component. Again, the writing is difficult to follow. Without better clarity, the statements included do not make sense. The flowchart should be redone per the prior feedback. The actual capacity should be calculated rather than an example. I would recommend reaching out to your advisor if you need some writing assistance.  

This means I am lacking in my work. All I need is your assistance to fix it today! my work once we agreed to the bid.