My Audience: 25-50yrs old female, Homeless people
Your Assignment is an APA formatted paper of at least 1250-1500 words and have at least two scholarly sources, other than the materials provided in the classroom.   You also must submit the log with at least 10-15 hours documented, into Project Concert.  Be sure to designate in the log, the module number that you are submitting hours for. Remember you must have a title page, the intro paragraph, your assignments, the conclusion paragraph, and your references page. Cite your references in text correctly.  Remember that urls like https://healthypeople2020.comare not authors and cannot be cited or referenced as an author.  Note that urls that end in .gov are government websites that almost always have a group corporate author such as Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.  
BIG HINT:  Do not use website urls such as as the author of the work when there is a government entity controlling the site or when there is an author/administrator of the site.  Scroll to the bottom of the website, If there is not an author or administrator listed you can use the name of the material you reviewed to be cited and referenced, otherwise, you find the date and author at the bottom of the web page.  
PS— is authored by CMS-the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Healthy People 2020 is authored by Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.   You also find website dates at the bottom of the webpage as well that serve as the date for your references.