Please review the Admissibility of Expert Testimony in Courts.pdf (check the Supplemental Materials) folder.
This is a bit long – 15 page law article but it does a very good job of summarizing the different tests from Frye to Daubert and various hybrid of whether you are qualified to talk about your findings.
Then please provide me a 2 page paper (minimum) summarizing what you have learned. Also do some research – what is the case law in Kentucky? Ohio? Are there differences in state or federal court in both states? Please cite RECENT case law to support your analysis as this law article is out of date. 
Why did I assign this?
Knowing what test is “adopted” in the state is important. Again, – it is NOT the tool but the person’s knowledge, skill, and whether scientific rigor was followed along with chain of custody and authentication / integrity best practices. Also, when you are leading an investigation you want to be familiar with what test courts (state or federal) may apply!