I need a native English speaker to answer my survey, and welcome to answer my questions.follow my question to answer.I hope you can answer it truly.thanks  Here are some questions about dating.

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Dating survey in the US.
1) What is your name and major?
2) What is your gender?
3) What is your age?
4) What is your current relation ship status?
5) Do you believe in love/love at first sight?
For single.
1) Are you enjoying being a single ?
2) Have you been in any relationships before?
3) Have you had a crush on someone?
4) What kind of bf/gf you want?
5) Do you feel lonely when you see other couples?
6) Where are you looking for your partner?
7) Where would you want to go for a first date?
8) Do you think that age difference is important when you are dating?
9) If someone asks you for a date right now would you like to go?
10) If someone considers you as a best friend and he or she propose you
then what would you going to say?
For relationship
Where did you meet the first time?
Why do you think your boyfriend/girlfriend is best for you?
Describe a perfect date.
How old were you when you went on first date?
Is going out on a date important for you?
Do you “Go Dutch” when you dating?
Does your first love still hold a special place in your heart?
What do you consider cheating in a dating relationship?
Has your partner already done something that hurt you deeply? What
do you do when you disagree with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
10) How do you manage conflict in your relationship?
Extra for wrap it up.
1) Have you experienced a breakup before?
2) Do you want to go for blind date? Would you ever go on a blind date?

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