This assignment will require you to identify one peer-reviewed journal article related to leadership in healthcare or public health settings and provide a brief article review of that particular article.  
I encourage you to choose articles that are of particular interest to you as you will not only summarize the main points, you will also synthesize the material and write about your general impression of the material from a review perspective.
Public Health professionals are expected to demonstrate a variety of competencies, one of which is the ability to create various types of documents according to high-quality, professional standards.  This assignment will provide you the opportunity to develop and/or improve upon, that writing competency. 

Assignment Instructions  

Download the assignment template and save as a MSWord document only: KINE 4354 Assignment 1.1 PH Leadership Journal Article Review Template_Accessible.docxActions
Select a peer-reviewed journal article related to leadership in healthcare or public health settings.  Read the article thoroughly, making notes as you go in the assignment template.  This will make writing your article review much more streamlined.
Complete the template, writing in your own words.