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Everyone, it seems, has a favorite place to eat. For some, it is a fast-food restaurant like McDonald’s, Burger King or Taco Bell. Or it may be a diner like Denny’s or an ethnic restaurant like El Torito, Panda Inn, or Olive Garden. It may be a restaurant that serves large portions, like Hometown Buffet or Claim-Jumpers, or that serves specialized food like Red Lobster or Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It may be a fancy restaurant like l’Orange or a small, independently-owned cafĂ©. It may be a place such as Benihana’s known for its atmosphere, or it may be eating at home or a friend or relative’s house. We like these places for many reasons including the type of food served, the decorations and setting, the atmosphere, the music or entertainment available, or even the price of the food.
Please discuss your favorite place to eat. Be sure to describe the location and explain why you enjoy eating there. Use examples and details to support your reasons