Final Paper Synopsis:
The purpose of the final paper is to allow the student to show the  ability to examine Information technology management within an  enterprise/industry, articulate the understanding and relevance, choose  core technologies/platforms examples, identify the applications of each,  discuss the business benefits, and describe a view into the future.  
Paper Requirements
Part 1 Enterprise/ Industry Overview
Describe a chosen enterprise/ industry in terms of the overall impact  of information technology management.   Discuss how the industry  embraces information technology and management and the role it plays in  the success of firms in the industry with regard to operational  excellence and competitive forces.
Part 2 Technology Examples 
Describe three current information technology management solutions  that the industry is using to improve performance, operational  excellence, consumer experience or use for competitive advantage.    Examples could include Big Data, CRM, Business Intelligence, Digital  Business Intelligence, SEO, RPA, the Internet of Things, and Artificial  Intelligence and M/L.
For each describe the technology type or types that apply and provide  reasoning for why.   The types are research, operations, maintenance,  customer support, disruptive, sustaining, or breakthrough. 
For each describe the impact that the technology has on the industry.
Part 3 Forward Thinking  
Provide a summary of research on the current trends and a 2 – 3 year  (or more if applicable) forecast on future innovation that are predicted  to impact the chosen industry.
This is to be an APA formatted paper including title and references.