2 parts:
1. A 4 minute interview script (Question – Answer) – just pretend you interviewed a friend on her thoughts about the questions you asked and type out the fake answers for each question related to the themes.
choose something from television (has to be U.S. tv films) – an episode or character from that series, as your main object that incorporates themes ( Module 7 Asian Americans & Module 3 Gender and Sexuality)
and also from two readings The two readings:  “Model Minorities, the Asian American Horatio Alger Story” AND  Jonathan Shia’s essay, “Alison Bechdel: The Bechdel Test ‘Has Been a Very Strange Turn in My Life’”  https://www.vulture.com/2015/04/bechdel-test-creator-surprised-by-its-longevity.html
2. write a 2-page, double-spaced paper in which you EXPLAIN how your project relates to some of the themes of the course, and what two readings you used.  (I’ve attached an example of a friend’s 2 page explanatory paper – but use a different example).
 mention two readings, that means that you have to quote from the readings and make use of their concepts, but you don’t have to necessarily mention the authors or the titles of the readings in your project. You could cite the readings explicitly, but you could also just incorporate themes, concepts, frameworks, terms, keywords, main ideas from the readings, into your project. The reason that you have the option to not cite the two readings explicitly is that, remember, you will also be writing a 2-page paper explaining your project in addition to doing the project itself, and in that paper, you will state very clearly which readings you used for your project — you should write the titles of the two essays you used, their authors, and if you think it’s necessary or helpful, you should write which arguments, or lines, from the essays informed your project the most.
Grading: 4 points will be based on how well your project engages with the themes of the course. 4 points will be based on how well you use the two readings from two different modules. 4 points will be based on the technical and aesthetic aspects of your project — though you don’t have to employ really sophisticated technical skills to do this project, but we want to evaluate how well you executed your concept for the project. And 4 points will be based on your 2-page explanatory paper, and how well you communicate in that paper what your project was about, and how it was inspired by what was discussed in the lectures and readings that make up this course.