Overall, have your views on energy industry changed, remained the same, or remained the same but with a broader understanding?

–  I would say my views have changes through the course of this overall  program with such an emphasis on renewable platforms it truly opened my  eyes to the possibility of true change in the energy sector. With each  class i have truly learned more and more about the importance of  renewable energy and the need to implement it faster than it is now. 

Which assignment or discussion offered the most value and why?

–  The DIY evaluation of our homes really provided a good base of  information and what to improve in my own home. It’s one thing to have  an understanding of energy and how to conserve it but implementing that  knowledge is essential. If each of us did our part in conservation of  energy it would be a huge pay off. 

Did the assignment or discussion change or confirm your views on energy industry? Please describe.

-It  confirmed my views but also proved what the struggle really is. I  believe its getting people out of there comfort zones and thinking  outside the traditional box on how we get our energy. 

Based on your views, what is the single most important thing that we  could do to help achieve energy and environmental sustainability and  why?

– I my opinion is education and information exchange. I think  the average resident believes that solar power, wind power, etc is  something only for the elite or people with significant income. That  isn’t the case with the many programs that exist to aid residential  homes in making these upgrades. unfortunately our current administration  doesn’t take stock in global warming and many programs will end at the  end of this calendar year. This will stifle a lot of the renewable  energy sector and only set the goals back much further.