Conduct some research and develop a Physical Security Plan for a new IT Company Located at in the Capital of the US State which you live.  Include a street location in that capital and the crime statistics of that area as your background.  This IT provides IT services for city, county, state and federal governments.  Ensure that you understand and detail the various levels of security required to provide all those various levels of services.  Normal business hours exist 6:00 am – 6:00pm, Mondays – Fridays with some ad hoc weekend work and late evening work.  There are custodians during the normal business hours and an intense cleaning crew in the evenings from 7:00 – 11:00pm.  The building has a private parking garage that is open 24 – 7.
Use all the information from chapter 1 – 18 to impact and enhance your plan.  Provide all specifications for material/technology used.  There is no page number set.  In this scenario, you are a professional Physical Security “Expert”.  Your plan should reflect this.  APA format is mandatory.  Do not simply copy the template and example that I have provided you.  These documents are provided to provide simple guidance and to stimulate ideas.
Any SafeAssign match 40% or greater will result in a grade reduction.
Name your file  “SecurityPlan-LastName”, i.e. SecurityPlan-Barnes.