Answer all question with proper number atleast 1 and half page 
1. Why is culture important to political scientists?
2. How is political science an interdisciplinary major?
3. How can politics be treated as a science?
4. Describe how modern liberalism differs from classical liberalism and explain how modern conservatism related to classical liberalism?
5. Explain how nationalism can be dangerous to a nation. Use both theoretical ideas and concrete examples to support your claims
6. Evaluate the “end of ideology” argument by considering the facts that fit and contradict this view on today’s world
7. What are the means by which power is institutionalized? What makes for good institutions? Provide examples from the United States and one other country
8. Identify the purposes of constitutions and explain why they are necessary
9. Describe how the principle of separation of powers is manifested in the U.S. Constitution and explain how this principle has evolved over time in the United States.
10.  Bonus Question:  What are the 10 Bill of Rights