I have my finished research paper on the organ donation ethical issue. I am on the side that stands for organ donation. I only need two more pages of written text and a few tweaks here and there. 

A title page.
The body of the paper, which includes 4–6 pages of professionally written text
At least three references from textbooks, websites and articles that provide adequate justification and support your claim
Subheadings (technical aspects, public policy, and personal opinion/conclusion)
Appropriate in-text citations throughout paper
A reference list with only the sources used in the body of the paper (All sources should be less than 5 years old unless recent research is not available, and at least one reference must be a peer-reviewed article from a profession journal. Do not use Wikipedia or an encyclopedia as they are not considered reliable academic sources and will not be accepted.)
APA style formatting throughout your paper

all these must be checked off. many are complete. thank you