This week deals with international business in emerging economies and risks associated with international corporate finance. To understand international business and risks of emerging economies, you will review these two articles and respond to the questions: 

You are required to combine the two articles in the article review.

Ferguson, M. (2011).  Lessons on managing risk in emerging markets. Journal of Accountancy
McGowan, C. (2008). Evaluating the impact of foreign exchange rate risk on the capital budgeting for multinational firms. International Business & Economic Research Journal, 7(8), 47 – 58
Address the following questions as you read the article:

What corporate finance problems are the articles addressing?
What method of study (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed study) do the authors use to address the problem?
What are the significant findings or ideas of the study?
Summarize the main ideas of these articles.
What are the strengths and limitations of the study?
Make a proposal for future research on the topic that needs to be investigated.