one of the students, wrote a poem called, “Who Dat Gullah Be?” in which she referenced things she had experienced on the trip.  In one to two paragraphs, first identify the aspects of Gullah/Geechee history and culture you feel the following lines from her poem are referencing, and then describe aspects of the trips overall that resonated most with you.  Be sure to provide support for your responses.
“Dat Gullah be sweet breeze transporting wisdom across the Atlantic.””Dat Gullah be Africa in America wit tongue and all.””[Dat Gullah] be sweet like the making of grass baskets /Older than the eldest alive.””Dat Gullah be the bird flying me back home.” 

 Benton, Jacquelyn. Sojourns in the Lowcountry: Gullah/Geechee Tours in South Carolina & Georgia. Colorado: Xanedu, 2016.